Safe Cities

Safe Cities

UBC Safe Cities Commission

Safe Cities Commission cooperates in order to improve security services as well as assure better safety standards and procedures for all Baltic Sea Region (BSR) citizens.

The problems which seem to be completely solved in some cities still exist in others. Creating the Commission allows not only to expand knowledge, but also to gain and share experience. The initiators hope that joint efforts can help make BSR a safer and tidier place to live.

Main interest areas

The Commission's main areas of interest are:

  • cooperation & experience exchange in the field of local security;
  • joint projects to increase level of security & public order within BSR;
  • cooperation with other local organizations (police, fire brigade, emergency, crises management departments, social welfare centers, etc).

On 21–22 May 2015 took place the first meeting of the UBC Safe Cities Commission, which was known formerly as the UBC Commission on Local Safety. In the new renewed Commission meeting the new authorities of the Commission have been elected.

Kaspars Vārpiņš, the representative of Liepāja City Municipal Police, became a Chairman of the Commission elected for a two year cadence. While Torbjörn Lindström, the Development Manager of Southwest Finland Emergency Services was elected Vice Chairman. Miłosz Jurgielewicz from Gdańsk Municipal Guard was elected the Commission’s Communication Officer. It was decided, that the secratariat for the next two years will be in Liepāja (Latvia). Read more about the meeting

Current Activities

Meeting of the Commission, Tallinn, 7-9.06.2017
Meeting of the Commission, Kaunas, 11-13.01.2017

Animation movies

Union of the Baltic Cities Safe Cities Commission has produced three short animation movies about safety at home. As the Union of the Baltic Cities includes around 100 cities from the Baltic Sea Region, these animation movies were made without an actual word spoken, so that they can be clear for everyone.
These animation movies teach how to ensure your property, so you know who is coming to visit you and that you don’t have to open your door to everyone, as well, that you don’t need to show off to your friends with the valuables you have at your home.
Enjoy the movies, download and share them through your available channels.
The movies are available in two quality modes - FullHD and 4k. Movies are available here -

As well the videos are available in -

Contact persons: 

Kaspars Vārpiņš

Chairman of the UBC Safe Cities Commission

Liepāja Municipal Police

Uliha 135
LV-3401 Liepāja
Tel. +371 2 6406820

Torbjörn Lindström

Vice-Chairman of the UBC Safe Cities Commission

Development Manager
The City of Turku
Turun Kaupunki

Southwest Finland Emergency Services
PB 355
FIN-20101 Turku
Tel. +358 50 4319600