Safe Cities Commission meeting in Turku 2015

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Safe Cities Commission meeting in Turku 2015

From September 29 till October 1, 2015 in Turku, UBC Safe Cities Commission had its first working meeting after renewing. Safety workers from Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania met at this meeting hosted by Southwest Finland Emergency Services. The meeting began with small educational visit at the Turku Firefighters museum, where it was possible to learn about the firefighter history in Finland and the City of Turku. 

During the Safe Cities Commission working meeting, the representatives learned about safety for elderly people, safety card education for home care supervisors and the Rescue act 42§ which obligates authorities to change information in safety and security matters, as well about other fire safety issues in Finland. While visiting a special model house at Turku University of Applied Sciences, the commission members learned about how to prevent accidents for elderly people and make them feel safer even if they are living alone. Later on Dr. Brita Somerkoski informed about “Fire stop” project - the prevention work with juvenile fire setters.

UBC Sustainable Cities Commission's Head of Secretariat, Björn Grönholm presented their work and experience, he also offered a possible collaboration in different issues concerning safety. During video conference between Turku and Stockholm, other possible collaboration in safety field was offered by the representatives from the Council of the Baltic Sea States.

At the last part of the UBC Safe Cities Commission meeting all participants were involved in workshops. One of the workshops was about pilot-short movie for the UBC region introducing various safety issues for feeling safe at home. Other workshop focused on the safety professional experience and exchange data-base, which would help to share the best safety experience to all UBC members and other interested persons. After the workshops ongoing issues were discussed and future tasks were planned.

UBC Safe Cities Commission would like to send the warmest greetings to the City of Turku and Southwest Finland Emergency Services for a great hospitality.

Contact persons: 

Kaspars Vārpiņš

Chairman of the UBC Safe Cities Commission

Liepāja Municipal Police

Uliha 135
LV-3401 Liepāja
Tel. +371 2 6406820

Torbjörn Lindström

Vice-Chairman of the UBC Safe Cities Commission

Development Manager
The City of Turku
Turun Kaupunki

Southwest Finland Emergency Services
PB 355
FIN-20101 Turku
Tel. +358 50 4319600