58th Exhibition of Šiauliai Artisyts

24.05.2019 to 16.07.2019

Šiauliai exhibitions started in the distant sixties and since then they have been different. In some, someone was flickering, talking, bustling, others were quiet, quiet. There were big and small exhibitions in various parts of the city until they arrived at the newly-built art gallery in 1977. The last few years have been characterized by experiments, exploring new opportunities (everything is changing, even the traditions of the Swedes!). Attempted to invite an architect (a man without preconceived ideas) to help make the exposition and change the established hierarchy of rows, trying to go beyond the boundaries of the gallery and spread across the city again (exhibition "Satellites") and then present only the works or mini of recent years collections, present and history.

More information: http://siauliai-events.lt/58-oji-siauliu-menininku-paroda/