After 70 years: new discoveries around Hans Fallada


Hans Fallada - still?The writer, occasionally underestimated and mocantly dismissed, is today (2018 = 125th birthday!) Alive and captivating in his best works as ever.
Prof. Gunnar Müller-Waldeck, Emeritus of the University of Greifswald, presents his new Fallada volume, a collection of his various researches and research results (essays, interviews, feature articles, etc.).
As a discovery on the edge: a hitherto little-known Fallada fairy tale and a romance novel in which Fallada himself as a fictional character Hannes Valentin in the center and the successful author Marianne Wintersteiner (1920-2003) as a young woman ("Anne") is his partner. An amazing new discovery.
The author has entrust both novelties to the publisher for publication: Published by Steffen-Verlag or Verlag Edition Pommern.

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