b-solutions deadline extended until 12 April!

Upon agreement between AEBR and the DG REGIO, the 2nd Call for Proposals deadline has been extended until the 12.04.2019.

The general objective of b-solutions is to identify and promote sustainable methods of resolving border obstacles of a legal and/or administrative nature along EU internal land borders.
Applicants can inform about the difficulties that border citizens and businesses still face when interacting across the border in fields such as employment, health, transport, multi-lingualism and information services, just to name a few.

The cities are encouraged to support this important initiative by participating to the call for proposals and by disseminating about b-solutions within the region and network for 3 main valuable reasons:

  1. In such difficult times for the European Union, when European cross-border cooperation and related funding are under a serious threat, it is crucial to give the right attention and visibility to successful cross-border solutions and thus get the right support from EU citizens, governments and institutions to keep cross-border cooperation – and related funding – as a crucial part of European Integration;
  2. B-solutions is the best framework for you to test effective ways of overcoming border obstacles of a legal and/or administrative nature along EU internal land borders that can be replicable in other contexts and, therefore, have the chance to  effectively draw the European Commission’s attention on cross-border cooperation issues.
  3. Participating organisations would significantly increase their visibility and prestige towards European, national, regional and local decision-makers and towards the other cross-border actors all over Europe.

The application process is to fill in a form on the project website and describe the obstacle(s) faced.

More information:

Giulia Brustia
b-solutions Team