Baltic 2030 Capacity Building Programme – Localising SDGs

The follow up of the Baltic Leadership Programme on 2030 Agenda is being organized. The UBC Cities are invited to be part of the programme in representation of their country/ministry.
Module 1: 11-12 April 2019, Riga, Latvia 2030 Agenda as a framework for local development. The module will inspire and develop capacity on how the 2030 Agenda and its SDGs can be localized and used as strategic policy- and action-guiding frameworks;
Module 2: 23-24 May, Stockholm, Sweden SDGs in practice: Integrated approaches for Circular Economy. The module will explore how to concretely use the cross-sectorial integrated approaches of the 2030 Agenda by bringing the example of circular economy.
The programme is organized in cooperation with the think tank Global Utmaning and with the support of the Swedish Institute. The programme foresees a strong cooperation and engagement of the OECD and other national and international organisations, which will participate and provide input to the modules. As an outcome, we will develop a publication with guidelines/methodologies for integrating SDGs in strategic planning at sub-national level, and another publication on good practices on circular economy in the BSR.
Multilevel governance is key to the outcomes of the programme, and therefore we would like to welcome you to participate with your expertise, and to recommend frontrunner municipalities and regions from your country that you think should be involved. Participants are expected to cover their own travel, while training and accommodation costs will be covered by the programme.
More information:
Olga Zuin
Programme Coordinator of Baltic 2030
Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS)
Phone: +46 8 4401 937
Mobile: +46 73 065 6325