Benjamin Ingrossos and Felix Sandman's bromance


Benjamin Ingrossos and Felix Sandman's bromance spread like a running pole over Sweden during the Melodi festival, where they placed themselves in first and second place respectively. On October 19th and the audience can experience them both live during the same evening at Kulturens Hus. Together they have already released the summer hit "Do you think he cares?" and will also release a podcast where they tell about their thoughts, careers, gigs, other incidents and adventures. Benjamin Ingrosso and Felix Sandman look forward to working together and playing at Kulturens hus this fall. Since the Melodifestival, Benjamin Ingrosso has made a name even outside Sweden's borders and "Dance You Off" has entered several top lists around Europe. Felix Sandman received a rocket launch on his solo career during the Melodi Festival, and the single "Every Single Day" sold platinum after a month. Benjamin and Felix have been honored as role models for their genuine friendship and support to each other.Location: Stora Salen, Kulturens Hus
Time and date: kl 19.30 – 23.30, 19 october 2018

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