Immersive show «Faceless»

04.01.2019 to 29.12.2019

«Faceless» is a theater of immersion into alternative reality without stage and  coulisses, but a place which turns the observer into a participant!The 'Faceless' show invites everyone to experience a new theatrical form of immersive performance.

Immersive theater is a global trend, a combination of spectacular show, possibility to interact with surrounding environment and actors. 
The 'Faceless' show is located on the four floors of an old mansion with a more than 300 year-old history in the very heart of the city. 
Sixteen characters, more than fifty locations in the antique interiors, and most importantly - three unique simultaneous endings of the show are waiting for the audience. 
Everyone can touch, examine or try on pieces of scenery and props. Characters of the production present their artistic ideas at a distance of several centimeters from the audience, withouttouching them but at the same time penetrating into everyone's soul. If visitors of the 'Faceless' city are fortunate enough, one of them may find oneself alone with a character of the show at the unique tete-a-tete session. This personal experience is an integral part of the total-immersion production.

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