Invest in Jõhvi

Jõhvi is open to investments and startups. The main sectors, where the biggest investments are exected, are: production, processing, logistics and also robotics. In addition, the growing sector is tourism.
Looking for new markets / partners is a natural part of the company's activities. The Baltic Sea region is large and many companies in the region are potentially interested in finding markets or partners there. The role of the investment agency is fulfilled by the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (office in Jõhvi and Ida-Viru County Industrial Areas Development Foundation

The municipality is interested in establishing exchange with counterparts in other UBC member cities. For example, Jõhvi music school and Jõhvi Cultural and Hobby Centre that are probably foremost interested in this.

The main fields to offer expertise would be environment, city planning, safety issues. The need for expertise is rather in areas like initiatives for youth, sports, enterpreneurship.

More information: Eimar Aidma,