Come on a rewarding guided tour of art during lunchtime!You will find out more about the art in the current exhibitions. Saturday views take about 40 minutes.Current exhibition: Luleåbiennale 2018 This year, Scandinavia's oldest art biennale will be resurrected with a program that spans a vast geographical area with art events and exhibitions in Luleå, Boden, Jokkmokk as well as Kiruna and Korpilombolo. The various exhibitions take place in Norrbotten's varied landscape and history. The visitor meets works that include the landscape's memories and wounds, lost waterfalls, ideological archives, and militarized zones. A main theme of the biennial is the concept of darkness. Both in the literal sense, when the biennial falls during the darkest time of the year, but also metaphorically with the eye facing a political darkness as well as the potential of darkness for thinking, dreaming and projection. 

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