"Sommer Sonne Ferienmode" Exhibition

15.06.2018 to 20.10.2018

It is true that memory transmits many things. Without question, this also applies to the trends in GDR fashion. But, honestly, she was much better than her reputation! Of course, the clothing range has not met every wish and of course, many a trend passed without the planned economy could keep up. But the women and girls and, yes, even the boys and men, were creative and inventive, knew how to sew and crochet, make jewelry or dye fabrics. They also knew how and where and when to organize exactly what was in store, and then for some there was still the Western kinship, which surprised with packages. Now, at a distance of years, decades, shows an amazingly varied and colorful image of fashion between Rostock and Suhl. What was worn at that time was always subject to the trends of the times and when there was something not to buy, one relied on do-it-yourself.

In the attic of the Stadtmuseum Bergen auf Rügen shows the Leipzig club Chic in the East e. V. from June to October 2018 a selection of GDR fashion for leisure and vacation. FDGB home or camping, private accommodation or hotel, beach and promenade, walk or sport opportunities in the longed for vacation days on the coveted Baltic Sea to show tailor-made or bought, there were many. The exhibition invites you on a journey through 40 years of fashion history and guarantees an eye-opener. From funky to classic, from colorful to sophisticated, there is much to discover. In addition to original clothing from those years, accessories, periodicals, fashion magazines and fashion photography are all natural to her, him and her.

More information: www.stadt-bergen-auf-ruegen.de