St. John‘s Day


Each year Jonava city celebrates St. John‘s day. Saint John's Eve, starting at sunset on 23 June in Jonava St.John Valley.  St. John‘s Day celebrations and other town festivals, concerts, various performances take place here. This valley hosts summer entertainment and has ski slopes for winter fun.  The setting of the valley: the installation of the amphitheatre, fountain, ancillary facilities, stage and seating places.
Annually from June 22 to 24 Lithuania has the longest day and the shortest night. The shortest night has long been erected, well-established. It was thought to be magical.  Lithuanians celebrated the Race celebration this night. Later, when Christianity came to Lithuania, the celebration was identified with St.John's nouns.
June 24 On the eve of the 19th century, women had been healing various herbal remedies since it was believed that herbs collected this evening would acquire special healing powers. Later, tea is made from herbs, they are cut into prickles, placed in barns to keep the animals healthy.  This action of women is called domination.
The lost girls dressed in white linen tonight and went to the meadows to weave wreaths. They crowned the crown of nine or twelve different flowering herbs. The wreaths were dressed by the girls, and later they were guided by the future.
It was thought that this night magical and dew. When they are harvested, they should be given to the cows to be milky, sprinkled in the gardens, so that they are fertile to avoid weeding.  It was believed that the farmer would get a good harvest if he'd run his fields and naughty dew that night.
That night, the sun was worshiped. She is grateful for the warmth, the light, she is asked to educate her as much as possible. At night, a large scrap was created on a high hill. It was believed that the longer the fields were illuminated, the higher the harvest in autumn.
St.John‘s day is certainly the biggest festivali n Jonava, which itself is sometimes referred to as John‘s Republic, attrecting participants from all over Lithuania and abroad. The shortest night of the year is celebrated very celebrated with folk craft fairs and the championship of gastronomic heritage.  The high-point of the celebration is an extraordinary modern fire and lazer show, based on ancient Baltic traditions and motifs in the St. John Valley.