VASAB Conference “Competitiveness of Small & Medium-Sized Cities in the BSR"

The Conference will be held on 4 June 2019 in Riga, Latvia.

The Conference is organized by the Latvian VASAB chairmanship. VASAB (“Vision and Strategies around the Baltic Sea”) is an intergovernmental multilateral co-operation of 10 countries of the Baltic Sea Region in spatial planning and development.
The Conference will look on the cities and towns from the perspective of their role, challenges, potentials and good practices to strengthen and contribute to the competitiveness of the Baltic Sea Region and thus providing substantial input to the joint competitiveness of Europe. It will discuss the opportunities and faced challenges of small and medium-sized cities and towns, their future prospects beyond 2020 in order to achieve greater coherence within the Baltic Sea Region and hence in the wider Europe.
The Conference is targeted to the politicians, policy advisers, experts, practitioners and other relevant audience engaged in fostering sustainable development of cities.
More information about the Conference and registration is available in VASAB website

Registration is open until 22 May 2019!