Weeping Willows


Do not miss this evening when Weeping Willows lands in the Great Hall with their Christmas Time Has Come Tour 2018. The evening offers songs from all Weeping Willow's discs, but the emphasis is placed on "Christmas Time Has Come" and "Snowflakes". Last year Aftonbladet wrote that this was "the most beautiful Christmas concert of the year" and rewarded it with 4 plus. The newspaper Corren gave the concert a 4 star rating and NSD said "It's probably the best Christmas concert you can see". The story of Weeping Willows began in 1994 when the band was formed. The first official single, named "Broken Promise Land ", was issued only in the summer of 1997. Some months later, the debut album was released with the same name and now it's a Swedish pop classic who has been released in several different versions and editions. Today, Weeping Willows is one of Sweden's most established pop band and touches a wide audience with their strong and melancholic poppies.
Location: Kulturens Hus, Stora Salen
Time and date: kl 19:30 - 22:00, 16 November 2018

More information: http://www.kulturenshus.com/evenemang/weeping-willows/