"What a beautiful sun" performance

06.11.2018 to 07.11.2018

One-part mono-role according to R. Skučaitė's verse and D. Urbonienė's book "Siberia in the eyes of the child"

Premiere in 2018 6-7 November

"What a beautiful sun" is the performance of two Miltin theater actors Eleonor Matulaitė and Eleonor Koriznaitė about the strength of the woman, a difficult time for our nation, which is worth remembering and rethinking especially meaningful this year when Lithuania celebrates the centenary of the restoration of Independence.
A series of serious memories are born. Sometimes dramatic, sometimes with mild sorrow or hopeful rows. The author of the play has blended the experiences of two women of a similar fate, it seems that they were experienced by one and the same woman.
A poet, Laureate of the National Award, Ramutė Skučaitė has been living in Panevėžys for some time, and teacher Dainora Urbonienė is a Panevėžys. She wrote memories in the prose, while Ramutė Skučaitė expressed her feelings. Her poetry strongly touches the soul and rises to the top. Women did not meet, but it seems that both are talking about the same experiences, the same hope.
"The beauty of the sun" is the attempt by two experienced theater artists to find at least a tiny light ray even when the bright yellow sun becomes like a nasty red Sibirian circle.

More information: http://miltinio-teatras.lt/renginys/premjera-kokio-grazumo-saule-e-matul...