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This issue presents the best practices on youth involvement and empowerment on the local and regional levels in the Baltic Sea Region. It brings a variety of examples on how to include the youth in dialogue, how to co-create the reality and share responsibility so that all what concerns the young inhabitants is discussed with them. Fostering young people's participation in civic and democratic life and supporting the youth initiatives are high on agenda of our members!

'Rügen International Open 2017'

Invitation to the first open tennis tournament 'Rügen International Open 2017'

The first open tournament for the Baltic Sea cities is organized in Bergen auf Rügen by the Tennis Association Bergen.

Please forward this invitation to the tennis clubs and players in your city.

The deadline for registration: 30 July 2017.

Rollers Half-marathon for the Mayor's Cup

The best skaters will race around the city on a distance of 21 km. The competition is very popular and not only the inhabitants of Pruszcz Gdanski compete in it, but also competitors from all over the country. Roller skating will take place during the celebration of the days of the City Pruszcz Gdanski. The length of one loop is 7 km, so the players will have to cover three laps. There will also be routes for younger roller lovers. Children up to 12 years old will race at a distance of 600 m, youth aged 13 -15 with a distance of 1000 m.

Knigths Tournament

It’s a tradition that in August the City Moat turns into a tournament area, in which there are fights among knight clans coming to Chojnice from all over Poland. All day long, there are different events like an archery contest, old dance shows as well as folk games from the Medieval Ages. After dawn, at 8 p.m, there is a staging of the 1466 siege of Chojnice.

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Street Art Festival "Chojnice’s Fiesta"

At the first weekend of July, invited by the Chojnice’s Center of Culture, the most famous street theaters from Poland and other countries come to our town to present their newest outdoor performances. The spectacles take place in the Town Square and the City Moat till late hours in the evening. The theatrical experience is accompanied by fire shows, street musical performances, art workshops and live sculptures’ shows.

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Chojnice Operetta Nights

In August, in the City Moat, Chojnice’s audience will have a chance to listen to operetta pieces performed by the most wonderful Polish artists, accompanied by the symphonic orchestra with the beautiful stage setting in the background. The performances matches perfectly the evening atmosphere of the Old Town. Every year, there is a wonderful spiritual feast for the inhabitants of the city as well as for tourists.  

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