The new Bulletin "Nothing about us without us!" is now available!

This issue presents the best practices on youth involvement and empowerment on the local and regional levels in the Baltic Sea Region. It brings a variety of examples on how to include the youth in dialogue, how to co-create the reality and share responsibility so that all what concerns the young inhabitants is discussed with them. Fostering young people's participation in civic and democratic life and supporting the youth initiatives are high on agenda of our members!

'Rügen International Open 2017'

Invitation to the first open tennis tournament 'Rügen International Open 2017'

The first open tournament for the Baltic Sea cities is organized in Bergen auf Rügen by the Tennis Association Bergen.

Please forward this invitation to the tennis clubs and players in your city.

The deadline for registration: 30 July 2017.

Watch live stream from the XV UBC General Conference

The main plenary sessions during the XV UBC General Conference (15-18 Oct., Kaunas) “Inclusive Cities” and “Culture as Catalyst for Cities’ Development” can be watched live at

Streaming times are Wednesday 16 October at 13.30–15.00 and 15.30–17.00. In addition, workshop “STEAM – Science and Technology Path for Every Child and Youngster / TF on Youth Employment and Well Being” will be streamed on Wednesday 16 October at 9.30–12.00.

“Building an inclusive and resident-focused city. The Baltic way”

Nearly 250 high-level politicians, city officials, other experts and youth are participating in the XV Union of the Baltic Cities (UBC) General Conference, held in Kaunas, Lithuania, on 15–18 October 2019. The theme of the General Conference is “Building an inclusive and resident-focused city. The Baltic way”. The statutory General Assembly of the UBC will take place during the conference on 17 October 2019.

2 Donatai - Grupė verta milijono!

Populiarieji “2 Donatai” jau penkis metus džiugina savo gerbėjus ir klausytojus. Vaikinai yra išleidę du muzikinius albumus, kuriuose dauguma dainų – pačių atlikėjų autorinės. “2 donatai” yra viena aktyviausiai koncertuojančių vaikinų grupių Lietuvoje, o šiais metais jie atkeliaus ir į Jūsų miestą, kur kartu su gyvo garso grupe atliks pačias geriausias ir naujausias savo dainas.

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