Gdańsk for the Gulf

Flood control, modernizing a sewage treatment plant and educational programmes are the major directions of activities undertaken by the city of Gdańsk in order to protect the waters of the Gulf of Gdańsk.

For years the flood protection has been one of the most important issues accented by the city authorities.

Since the 2001 flood up to the end of last year, the city has spent nearly 374 million PLN for investments on the disposal of rainwater and flood protection.

In the years 2007-2014 Gdańsk carried out a project entitled ‘Protection of the Waters of the Gulf of Gdańsk - the construction and upgrading of the rainwater drainage system in Gdańsk’. It concerned the extension and modernization of the drainage system and treatment of rain and thawed water, as well as the retention system and prevention of rainfall flooding in the area of ​​the city of Gdańsk and the city of Pruszcz Gdański. It was a partnership project, co-financed from the Cohesion Fund in the framework of the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2007-2013. (Its value amounted to 127.2 million PLN, and co-financing from the European Union amounted to 61.9 million PLN).

The second project implemented by the city of Gdańsk in the period of 2009-2014 was the ‘Complex flood protection of the Żuławy Lowlands - Stage I - City of Gdańsk’. It covered the reconstruction of Radunia Canal in the Gdańsk area. The cost of the investment amounted to 137.1 m PLN and it was financed in 100% by the European Union’s Cohesion Fund, Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2007-2013, and the national budget.

During this year's downpour, the functioning of the flood protection and rainwater drainage systems in the city have been  verified. Investments made since 2001 helped to mitigate the effects of torrential rainfall, which could be clearly seen when comparing the loss in the urban infrastructure.

In the current financial perspective, i.e. 2014-2020, Gdańsk intends to continue flood protection investments with the EU funding. The value of these investments is estimated at approx. 120 million PLN.

Gdańsk Water and Sewage Infrastructure company (GIWK sp. z o.o.) also takes operations and investments aiming, among others, at improving the quality of the Baltic Sea waters. The largest GIWK’s investment  dealt with the modernization of Waste Water Treatment Plant Gdańsk East. As a result, all the beaches within the city are open, and the level of nutrients discharged into the waters of the Gulf of Gdańsk complies not only with the EU, but also with  more stringent requirements of the HELCOM Environmental Protection.

Part of the improvement activities was carried out through the company's participation in the international project PURE (Project on Urban Reduction of Eutrophication), whose main objective was to reduce the phosphorus load entering the waters of the Baltic Sea from the urbanized areas of project partner cities.

However, the protection of the Baltic Sea waters is not limited only to the investment activities. GIWK company has been implementing for 5 years the educational programme "Closer to the sources". Educational projects made within the framework of this programme aim at raising awareness among the citizens of Gdańsk as to what happens to water they have used , and how much effort has to be made so that this "dirty" water did not affect the the environment.

The ‘Green Sewage Treatment Plant’ project is an initiative addressed to junior high school students who come to visit the plant on site and get acquainted with the process of treating waste-water treatment, the method of sewage sludge management and the possibility of using biogas as a renewable energy source. The ‘Open Treatment Plant’ is a similar offer directed to the citizens and tourists.
Presently, GIWK participates in two international projects: NonHazCity and Iwama (Interactive Water Management), within which further measures leading to the protection of the Baltic Sea are taken.
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