Tukums Sports and Health Festival 2017


We will continue the tradition that we started last year - to celebrate Health Month in September. During this month, on 9 September Tukums Sports and Health Day will be held (in Tukums Sports School stadium, Kuldīgas iela 74, Tukums) by involving every resident of Tukums in various activities.
The event will open with a parade around the stadium that will feature Tukums sports clubs, associations and participants of the event. After the parade, everyone will be invited to participate in various sports activities offered by the local sports clubs: beach volleyball; streetball; track and field athletics; cycling; balance bike contest for the little ones; chess in four groups; checkers; darts; orienteering; the Big Family Relay Race; bubble football; boccia; interval workout in park in several places; agility contests in association with Tukums 12th Scouts and Guides Troop; a special Tukums strongman competition Golden Bar.

The event will also be interesting for the viewers! Have you ever heard and seen capoeira, zumba, demonstrations of sports club Sporta patriots, street gymnastics and Demo? You will have an opportunity to see it all on the demonstration stage We Also Want to Learn That!
Of course, a sound mind dwells in a sound body, and therefore the event is unimaginable without creative workshops, in which Tukums associations Pozitīvā doma, Ligzda, Līdzvērtība and many others will invite you to work with a variety of materials.
The pharmacy Tukuma centra aptieka will provide an opportunity to check your cholesterol and blood sugar levels, measure your blood pressure, and an opportunity to determine your body mass index with special weights.
In the evening, when everyone will have participated in the event, an evening closing concert of Sports and Health Festival will take place with a performance by a popular group.