SnowCastle of Kemi opened the doors to Winter Wonderland

20.01.2018 to 14.04.2018

Everything made of snow and ice

The construction work of the winter wonderland in Kemi started in Christmas time by making the snow out of the sea water. This process is possible when the sea is totally frozen and the temperature stays below 7 C minus. The ice to decorate the castle, and to make the tables to the SnowRestaurant, is cut and lifted also from the sea. Everything is made only from natural materials - snow and ice, and you need plenty of it, as the 3700 m2 in total and over 2000m2 indoor area in this snowy castle demands a lot of building material.

SnowCastle has opened the doors for the 23rd time and annually changing theme this year is Animal Wonderland. The Castle consists of stunning snow and ice sculptures that present the animals from Finland and elsewhere - all the way from Mexico and Thailand. Beautiful SnowRestaurant seats around 200 guests by the ice tables and the SnowHotel offers a true arctic adventure sleeping in 5 C minus. If you are looking for a wedding location to amaze your friends, the SnowChapel could be the place for you!

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