All About Freedom Festival

Film, music, theatre, debates – all about freedom. All About Freedom is an interdisciplinary festival whose goal is to stimulate discussion about the various dimensions of freedom and also its limits. The organisers put special emphasis on showcasing art dedicated to countries where civil rights are restricted.

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Exhibition "Goths, From the Baltic to Rome"

The exhibition "Goths, from the Baltic to Rome" will take visitors to the times of the Roman Empire's power and its fall from the hands of the Goths - the people who opened the way for the development of modern Europe.
The exhibition is based on a unique collection of monuments from Weklice - one of the best-known cemeteries of the Wielbark Culture in Poland, where over 600 various types of burials have been discovered so far.

Exhibition: The dream of America

The dream of America shows American immigration 1840-1930.Visitors, using models, photographs, statistics, audio stations, computers, original objects and artwork, get basic knowledge about the background of emigration, the transition to America, settlement and conditions in the new country. In addition, visitors can enter Snusgatan and experience life in Sweden-America.

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Christmas Fair at Huseby Bruk

The largest Christmas fair in Scandinavia with handicraft, food and lots of atmosphere and the lovely scents of Christmas. About 170 exhibitors with genuine handicraft and christmas delicacies. The area is a historical place and will be decorated with thousands of lights and hundres of pitch torches. Huseby Bruk is located 20 kilometres south of Växjö. The Christmas Fair at Huseby Bruk is open between the 10th-18th of November.

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