Haapsalu Tchaikovsky Festival

One of Estonia's great stories is the fact that in his youth the famous Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky spent summers in Haapsalu. Tchaikovsky not only wrote his opera "Vojevoda" during one of such summer holidays in Haapsalu, but also embedded part of an Estonian folk song in his 6th Symphony. In his honor there is a bench dedicated to this great Russian composer on the Haapsalu promenade. In addition, he wrote the cycle of piano pieces "Memories from Haapsalu", which we hope to present at each festival.

The Last Ship

The Last Ship is a new musical, composed and written by the 16-time Grammy Winner Sting. Performance language is Finnish, with subtitles in English.

The story is set in the English city of Wallsend whose residents' lives have always evolved around the local shipyard. The main characeter, young Gideon Fletcher, dreams of a different kind of future for himself and leaves Wallsend, its shipyard, and the love of his life to see the world.

Rut Bryk – The Magic Box

Rut Bryk – The Magic Box is an extensive review of the work of ceramic art pioneer, Rut Bryk (1916–1999), a key figure in post-war Finnish art.

Bryk is a household name for many Finns, but on what is her iconic status founded? Was she a designer or an artist, a ceramicist or a visual artist? How did a creator of ceramic tiles with fantasy motifs become a pioneer of abstract art and of the concept of relief?