Grand Opening of the Christmas season

At the end of November every year, the city centre of Vaasa dresses up for Christmas and the Christmas lights are lit. At the Grand Opening of the Christmas season, the streets of the city centre become filled with Christmas songs and the scent of mulled wine and gingerbread, as the market square comes to life with more than a hundred vendors selling seasonal products in their stalls.

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Colour Cultivate

Colour Cultivate / Pori Centre for Children’s Culture Colour Cultivate is a communal and environmental art work at Hevosluoto allotment garden. During the summer 2018 art work was place to grow eatable fl owers and vegetables for Colour Workshop for Babies. Pori Centre for Children´s Culture created the art work with The Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters in Pori (Esikko) and The Association of Luoto Allotment Garden as part of the Turku Universitys´Kokkeli Project.

Lost Lighthouses

Lost Lighthouses exhibition displays through stories and photographs some of the lighthouses Finland has lost, in one way or another. The exhibition leads visitors to lost cultural heritage.Lighthouses and lighted beacons are a part of our architectural and cultural history, maritime history and sea safety. They are home islands, fixed points, memories and, in many cases, also battle grounds and innocent victims of the war years. Some lighthouses have vanished from view as a result of storms and destruction.

Sex and the Sea

A pin-up girl’s picture on a cabin wall speaks of longing during an excruciatingly slow ocean voyage. This exhibition, put together by international top-level artists Saskia Boddeke and Peter Greenaway, studies the loneliness, lust and eroticism amongst sailors Since time immemorial, sailors have been crossing the oceans and staying for long periods away from home. Under such circumstances, many things can be controlled, but not human sexuality. Sex and the Sea illustrates sailors’ fantasies during long sea voyages and the reality that awaited in port.