12.06.2017 to 13.06.2017

The Baltic Sea Region Youth Conference "Nothing about us without us” will be held on 12–13 June 2017 in Berlin, in connection with the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region 8th Annual Forum.

It's a joint event of the UBC, Baltic Sea States Subregional Cooperation and Euroregion Baltic.
A draft programme, registration form and possible accommodation are enclosed. The deadline for registration is 26 April.

Celebrate Hälsingegård days of World Heritage Sites Erik-Anders farm

Come and have a nice day with us, enjoy hälsingland cheesecake in the vårfina garden. Guided tours of heritage courtyard at 11, 13 and 15. Visit the Center for World Heritage Hälsingland Farms, you can learn more about Hälsingland Farms and look around the exhibition. There is also a shop with heritage products, building, local crafts and antiques and nostalgia.

Hollo & Martta International Folklore Festival

Hollo & Martta Festival

The Hollo & Martta Festival is an annual folklore festival held in Hollolacommune and in the surrounding counties of Päijät-Häme. The festival week shall provide a wide representation of the colourful European dance culture and a generous outlook of domestic folkdance. The festival is organized byHollola Youth Association, which is one of Finland's leading folklore associations, famous exporter of Finnish folk heritage throughout the world.

Sibelius Festival

Composer Jean Sibelius's (1865-1957) position of Finland's national composer is probably indisputable. Sibelius is also our most famous composer in the world, his music admirers can always be found from Stockholm to Tokyo. Organized annually for Sibelius Festival Lahti Symphony Orchestra wants to gather all these Sibelius friends together and provide them with an adventurous weekend on the music of Sibelius.

More: http://www.sinfonialahti.fi/sibelius/