Tom of Finland Musical

What cannot be said out loud must be drawn. What cannot be drawn must be sung.

Tom of Finland musical follows Touko Laaksonen’s journey into Tom of Finland. It depicts the voyage of the talented and exceptional son of two teachers from Kaarina into one of Finland’s globally best-known artists.

The musical invites the audience to play with the idea that Tom of Finland and his art have been one of the major influencers worldwide on gay rights and equality.

Tom of Finland musical is part of "Finland 100" centenary celebrations.

Europeade 2017

Europeade is distinctly the largest annual celebration of folk culture in Europe. The five-day long event rolls out skilled and colourful shows from performance halls and stages to the streets and city squares. It is a celebration of folk music and dance for all ages, the meeting point of art and culture that brings European people together.

The Tall Ships' Races

The Tall Ships Races sailing event is coming to Turku in late July 2017. The races promise to be one of the most impressive events of the centenary of Finland's independence.

In Turku, the fact that the tall ships can be brought all the way into the city centre lends a wholly unique atmosphere to the event. All the participating ships will be anchored in a very small area on both sides of the River Aura, which divides the city. As a result, all services will be available nearby, contributing to the event's dense and lively atmosphere.

Literary Sopot

This year’s sixth edition of the “Sopot by the Book”, organized by the Municipal Public Library in Sopot and the City of Sopot, will take place on 17-20 August. Each year organizers select one country, which literature becomes the leading theme of the Festival. This year, readers will have a chance to delve into the literature and culture of Spanish.