July 27th Lithuanian Air Force Air Base will host the International Air Show “Falcon Wings 2019″ to commemorate the centenary of Lithuanian Air Forces.

One of the world’s best acrobatic flying teams – Frecche Tricolori from Italy, as well as Belgian Air Force F-16 Dark Falcon demonstrator – will deliver spectacular show together with other various aircrafts with flying programs and static displays as well as Lithuanian Armed Forces, and NATO partners with various military equiptment and munnitions.

Operetta at Kaunas Castle

This is a unique musical event in the open that attracts audiences with various tastes. Light music, full of fun and optimism, wonderful costumes and decorations, and the performers’ professionalism have boosted the popularity of the Festival. The Festival „Musical in Kaunas Castle“ takes place on July 6, the Day of Lithuania’s Statehood, and is an outstanding highlight of the day. „Operetta at Kaunas Castle“ is an original festival, the first of its kind in Eastern Europe.

Avanti! Summer Sounds XXXIV

Avanti! Summer Sounds XXXIV will arrive in Porvoo on 26 – 30 June 2019. This year the programme has been created by Swiss Baldur Brönnimann. As the theme for 2019 is City of Music, the music will enter the streets and cafés of Porvoo to paint a multitude of thoughts and feelings on the streets and walls of Porvoo with an imaginary paintbrush.

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