Finland's biggest city festival takes place in the Tampere city centre. During four days of July Tammerfest fills the city with music and celebration. The festival has something for everyone: live music from energetic clubs to the big concerts in Ratinanniemi and bands from the bubbling underground to the hottest names in Finland. Music plays everywhere and the city is full of life.

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51st Pori Jazz Festival

Pori Jazz is a major international event with top-notch performers from around the world.
The Jazz Street Stage as well as other venues will host numerous domestic and international performers in July. Like many years before, a fair share of concerts will be free of charge.

Bergman Week in Visby

For all movies fans Bergman Week is a 7 day celebration of Ingmar Bergman’s art, with films, guests, seminars and tours to filming locations on Fårö.
The goal of Bergman Week is to view his films in a new light and highlight the timeless themes reappearing throughout the body of his work.

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21.06.2016 to 23.06.2016

The main topic of the meeting is building strategies for mainstreaming gender into the work of the UBC member cities. Despite many positive changes in mainstreaming gender in Europe, the issue of gender equality still requires special attention, as women remain a vulnerable group, and special measures need to be introduced to ensure their bigger participation in decision making and secure their stronger position at the labour market.

IWAMA Interactive Water Management

In municipal waste water treatment (WWT) sector singular solutions are not enough anymore to improve the nutrient removal and meet the stringent HELCOM recommendations. Instead a comprehensive approach to all the processes is necessary, in which case two urgent challenges arise: insufficient sludge management and the need to make processes more energy efficient. Both are directly linked to better nutrient removal results and can be addressed through capacity development activities and small-scale investments.
12.10.2016 to 14.10.2016

We would like to warmly invite you to the next Commission Meeting of UBC SCC in Jelgava, Latvia on 12-14 October 2016.