National Independence Day

The celebration of the 100th anniversary of Poland's regaining independence will be accompanied by a concert of Elbląg Military Orchestra. As every year there will be a parade with the flag, in which will participate Elbląg residents and the army. The route of the parade will begin in the Old Town and will end at Jagiellończyk Square, where a patriotic ceremony will take place.

Papal Days

During the local celebrations of the Papal Days, "Tuus" awards by the Bishop of the Elbląg Diocese are given to people and institutions to appreciate their actions undertaken for the needy.
The ceremony, at which Eleni Tzoka with her band will give a concert, will be held in the Sports and Entertainment Hall in Elblag.

Bike trips

Bike trips are intended for both cyclists starting their adventure with cycling and tourism as well as more advanced ones. Easy routes, short distances, and gentle pace are suitable for younger participants and seniors.
Dates and places:
- 10th October 2018 - 100 km for the 100 anniversary of Independence
- 18th November 2018 - Pasłęk
- 9th December 2018 - Bridge in Nowakowo

More information:

Aerobic for seniors

Classes in water are addressed to all people over 60 years of age. The exercises are specially prepared for this age group. Fitness combines corrective gymnastics with aerobics and swimming. In addition, it is a great method for painless and effective improvement after various types of injuries or operations. The water resistance makes the body feel lighter and the joints are relieved. On the other hand, it also makes us put more effort in every move we make. Aerobic for seniors takes place every Saturday at 11:00 at the Indoor Swimming Pool in Robotnicza street.