SAND International Performing Arts Festival

SAND is an international stage art festival in Kristiansand with children and young people as the main target group. The festival presents Norwegian and international performances of very high quality for the public and for Norwegian and international professionals.
The SAND Festival focuses on exploring border elevations in performing arts for children and adolescents. Scenic art exists in a interaction between many different art forms and discipline for children.

Punkt Festivalen

Point The festival is one of Kristiansand's most exciting music festivals.
Every year, a multitude of artists, artists and lecturers are invited to the Point festival in Kristiansand, which is more internationally known than within the country's borders. Different genres meet each other and are explored further through Live Remix.

Norway Summer Games Kristiansand

Welcome to Scandinavia's largest multi-talent festival for children and youth - for, with and from youth!
Norway Summer Games is a sports festival that was organized for the first time in 2017. 23 sports participated, and nearly 1500 participants, officials and volunteers took part in the event.
During Norway Summer Games you can exercise your own sports, as well as participate in other sports, activities and cultural activities during the week.

Tele Bim-Bam

Singing team "Tele Bim-Bam" invites you to a Christmas concert for the whole family. For over twenty years, the team will host an exclusive Christmas performance. Together with Tele Bim-Bam, Santa Claus will sing.


Exhibition "Your PIN CODE"

Children's / Youth Creative Exhibit of Active Leisure Employment Ideas TAVO PIN CODE In the fall of 2018 comes back with the brightest colors!High-quality employment opens up unimagined opportunities for developing children's values, social skills and personal skills. We will help you find / understand / unlock / learn each PIN that arrives - youthful energy and maximalism sway through the edge of your "TAVO PIN CODE 2018" exhibition.

Christmas tree lighting ceremony

Traditionally, the main symbol of winter festivities, the Christmas tree, is lit up on the first Saturday of December in the centre of the city – Theatre Square. Every time, the organisers of the celebration bring together and surprise thousands of residents and guests of the city with this unique ceremony of lighting the Christmas tree, and in recent years – two Christmas trees, on the Theatre and the Revival squares, to the accompaniment of sounds of music, the Santa Claus’s visit and the dazzling fireworks.