Art & Science Festival “RESTART”

The annual RESTART Art & Science Festival is aimed to promote synergistic cooperation between educational institutions and the local community, provides residents of the city with a closer look at university activities, innovations in the field of education, while universities have an opportunity to expand boundaries of public spaces of the city for their practices. The festival aims to bring together academic community of the city, scientific and cultural establishments and organisations, art, municipal, business, and tourism representatives and the general public.

Lighthouse Rally

The “Lighthouse Rally” brings curious, energetic, venturesome spectators and admirers of the beauty of Lithuania in late September. Every year, the event invites families and friends, colleagues and associates to start a new and meaningful tour across Western Lithuania.Participants traditionally start the rally at the oldest lighthouse in Lithuania – Klaipėda Lighthouse. A few minutes before the start, rally participants receive a reference road book with new and amusing tasks, which are possible to solve in the process of performance only – the Internet would not help.

International Festival of Arts PLArTFORMA

The only interdisciplinary festival held in Klaipėda and in the West Lithuania, the main mission of which is to present a contemporary artistic expression of different countries and the joint creative happening. Representatives of modern dance and performance, a new circus and experimental theatre, new opera and multimedia projects, their groups are invited to participate in the festival. The title of the festival encodes two words: “platform” – the port’s commonly used means, and “art” – a reference to the international nature of the festival.

"Sommer Sonne Ferienmode" Exhibition

It is true that memory transmits many things. Without question, this also applies to the trends in GDR fashion. But, honestly, she was much better than her reputation! Of course, the clothing range has not met every wish and of course, many a trend passed without the planned economy could keep up. But the women and girls and, yes, even the boys and men, were creative and inventive, knew how to sew and crochet, make jewelry or dye fabrics.