INTA World Congress

The New Urban Agenda (NUA) has recognized State institutions, Local Authorities, private sector and collaborative organizations as active actors of change, but other categories of people, such as those in difficulty or marginalized or in transit, are perceived as recipients of aid and not as agents of change. They are considered in relation to their needs and not in relation to the contribution they can make to the development of their own social sphere and to the progress of the "urban society" as a whole.

VM Goalball

FIFH Malmö is today Europe's largest disabled sports association and the foundation for this success is the wide sporting activities and association exercise activities. There are dedicated focus on children and young people, girls, 65+ and wheelchair training and much more. The compound provides 12 different competitive sports and 50 trained sports. The strength of FIFH is undoubtedly the width, the individual practitioner can choose for themselves the level of their sport / activity is a given. In several sports, such as e.g.