Connecting Europeans

Jukka Vilen, the City Director from the City of Kemi encouraged the UBC member cities to join the campaign launched by the City of Joensuu (Finland), presenting the unity of Europeans.

The campaign is targeted at European cities, towns and municipalities. As the City of Joensuu claims:  “We are Europe – in our work, in our joy and in our sorrows. We create Europe through our shared lives; together we must make it yet better.”

Korsholm Music Festival

The coastline of Ostrobothnia in Western Finland is among the most beautiful regions in the Nordic Countries. The only UNESCO nature world heritage site in Finland  is situated in Korsholm, in Kvarken, the archipelagoarea between Finland and Sweden. Since 1983 Korsholm Music Festival has invited leading nordic and international artists to perform in unique surroundings of historic concert halls, museums, rustic archipelago rooms and wooden churches, so typical for the westcoast of Finland.


The annually organized Vaasa EnergyWeek, is the place where the companies of the largest energy cluster in the Nordic countries gather to network and make business. Vaasa EnergyWeek offers interesting events and forums for experts in both the public and private sectors.

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