Develop your business in Riga

As any growing and developing city in the world, Riga is open to both - startups and investments. Latvia has special startup law. On the city level there is a grant programme for new entrepreneurs and a variety of different information channels. Also, special themed events support startups, such as a special day in year, when all residents are welcome to support small business using their services or buying their goods.


The 81st meeting of the UBC Executive Board will be held in Rostock on 13 March 2018 in conjunction with UBC Conference on Integration of New Citizens, 12-14.03.2018.

Arendal invites investors

The city is open to investments and startups in all sectors.

Companies in Arendal are looking for new markets, also in the Baltic sea region. The Norwegian state has different financial instruments supporting companies.

The Municipality is interested in establishing cooperation and exchange between its cultural, sport and education institutions and the ones from other UBC member cities.

Arendal can offer expertise specially in civic participation, environment, city planning and safety issues.


Reda eager for cooperation

Despite the limited urban space, Reda is open to new investments. Their sector is not strictly defined, but it should have a positive impact on the city as a whole.  Local companies would be interested in finding new markets in the Baltic Sea countries.
Reda is eager to cooperate with other cities in the field of culture, sport and education. Currently, Reda cooperates with the Vilnius District in Lithuania, with the city of Waldbronn in Germany and with the Polish cities of Łowicz and Lubliniec.

Developing Słupsk

The city of Słupsk is actively supporting startups and investments in new technology and other creative industries.

Local businesses, often with foreign capital (including the Scandinavian companies), are open to cooperation with partners from the Baltic Sea Region. The Pomeranian Regional Development Agency manages Słupsk Special Economic Zone that gathers the biggest investors.

The city would be interested to maintain contacts with cultural, sport or education institutions from the BSR depending on needs.

Rostock attracts new investments

Rostock is interested in attracting new investments, like construction of heavy machineries, new settlements in the harbour area, IT, medical technologies, in fact: the City is open for all kinds of investments and can offer facilities connected to its maritime condition.
The companies in the ship building sector (including offshore) in Rostock look for new markets and partners in the Baltic Sea region. An investment agency: can be contacted.

Mielno supports investors

Mielno supports the investors who wish to create new, unique and all-year-round tourist products, attracting tourists throughout the year. Each of this type of projects is treated individually and can count on some support of the municipality of Mielno. It may include adjustment of the planning documents,  adaptation of public infrastructure, recommending projects to other institutions, assistance in obtaining project partners, help in finding additional sources of funding, cooperation in promotion, etc.

Welcome to invest in Ustka

Ustka Town is open to investments and startups in tourism, SPA , retail and services sectors.

There is a Generator of Entrepreneurship in Ustka. In the area of the municipality there is also a  subzone of the Special Economic Zone managed by the Pomeranian Regional Development Agency in Słupsk. One of the most important tools used by the agency is the Słupsk Special Economic Zone which covers the area of 910 hectares. Today the zone represents not only the industry, but primarily supports the formation of a modern economy, based on innovative technologies.