Solidarity of Arts Festival

The annual Solidarity of Arts festival welcomes you to a very special place on Europe’s map. Gdańsk has the notion of freedom coded into its DNA: in the last century alone our hometown lifted the entire continent to rise against oppression on two separate occasions.
Today it has a gift of attracting first-class artists who respect and continue to search for freedom in everything they do.

Hanse Sail Rostock

A theme of the 26th Hanse Sail is “Adventure Hanse Sail”. Over four days, more than 200 traditional vessels demonstrate a very unique flair.
Popular sailing ships like “Roald Amundsen” or „Fridtjof Nansen“, among others, invite visitors for day trips.

Partner country 2016 is Poland, the nation in which worldwide most windjammer were built during the last decade, among them are many regular guests of the Hanse Sail.

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Finland's biggest city festival takes place in the Tampere city centre. During four days of July Tammerfest fills the city with music and celebration. The festival has something for everyone: live music from energetic clubs to the big concerts in Ratinanniemi and bands from the bubbling underground to the hottest names in Finland. Music plays everywhere and the city is full of life.

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51st Pori Jazz Festival

Pori Jazz is a major international event with top-notch performers from around the world.
The Jazz Street Stage as well as other venues will host numerous domestic and international performers in July. Like many years before, a fair share of concerts will be free of charge.