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The green oasis in the centre of Kolding takes you away from Europe in the moment you enter its gates. You can take a botanical trip around the entire world in this enormous garden, and be part of a fantastic nature adventure, especially if you are willing to use all of your senses throughout your stay. If you would like to make new friends, remember to visit the animal yard and aviary, where mini-pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs, exotic birds and many other species are waiting for you.

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Visit the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in Christiansfeld. A walk in Christiansfeld is a tour back through history with something new to discover around every corner. Visit the Moravian Brethren Church, the chapel called Mansion, the cemetery Gudsageren, the Brother House, the Sister House, the Widow House, and absorb the exceptional atmosphere. At the Christiansfeld Centre you’ll find information about the city and get inspiration for different walks or guided tours in the historical town.


The only museum in Denmark where you can experience design, visual arts, crafts and furniture design all in one place. The exhibitions offer something new and exciting and features both international and danish artists and designers. The museum has a fine collection of modern art, contains Denmark’s largest collection of 20th century chairs, and Arne Jacobsen’s unique holiday house. The museum is located in a beautiful garden and sculpture park high above Kolding Fjord. The view from the museum and café is fantastic.


In the center of Kolding stands Koldinghus, the last royal castle in Jutland. Koldinghus was built in 1268 and for many years it was one of Denmark’s most important royal castles. In 1808 a fire left the castle in ruins as a romantic relic. Today the castle has been restored and houses a museum with changing exhibitions and events that brings the history of Koldinghus alive. Join a guided tour for children, try the dress up workshop, train at the royal court, learn more about King Christian IV and much more.