So. This is Christmas?

Finally - Fork is doing a Christmas show! Nowadays it seems to be somewhat of a platitude to renounce oneself from Christmas carols. Nevertheless, we all have our own favorites at the overflowing smorgasbord of Christmas songs. Fork's Christmas show is their attempt to find solace in their musician souls. Souls, that for decades have been mauled by inner Christmas-related controversies.

Finnish Architecture biennal review 2018

A selection of recent Finnish architecture from 2015 to 2017 with various viewpoints. The exhibition was shown at the Museum of Finnish Architecture during summer 2018.
The biennial reviews are organised by the Museum of Finnish Architecture, the Alvar Aalto Foundation and the Finnish Association of Architects SAFA.

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Dotted sceneries by Janette Leino

Textile artisan and self-taught visual artist Janette Leino's exhibition presents paintings, drawings, textile art and recycled, decorated items. Leino's works are known to be colorful, even psychedelic, and the topics usually revolve around the secrets of the nature and the universe, own experiences and introspection.

The grand opening is on 26th October, starting at 6pm at The Local Culture Hostel and Café. There'll be Atinama playing some amazing live music to be enjoyed with the art. Free entry for all, welcome.


In this song and dance performance for families 12 children’s vocal ensembles (approx. 160 singers) from all around Latvia tell a story of two different worlds – that of wolves and of humans.

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