SPOR Festival

SPOR is a festival in Aarhus for contemporary music and sound art. SPOR is a festival that thematises, actualizes and promotes the arts. Through a wealth of concerts, exhibitions, performances, talks and workshops SPOR festival creates a social space for both audiences and artists from the international as well as Danish scene.

Internet Week Denmark

The festival is all about how technology affects our lives and the way we do business. It’s a festival that connects business, creative and social leaders with entrepreneurs, opinion-makers and citizens in shaping the digital age.

The Festival of Centuries

The Festival of the Century is a knowledge festival. With its mixture of knowledge, art, and culture, the festival, one year, turns the spotlight on a particular historical period, and alternates it the following year with a different theme, with the purpose of creating a debate about the lives we live and the society around us.

The concert series of Chamber Music “Kurhaus Autumn”

More than a hundred year the word Kurhaus sounds in Palanga resort. For some people it is a remembrance of an old and romantic Palanga, while for others it is the place of entertainment which reminds the youth, the place full of so many names. Each time period formed the own image of Palanga resort website.

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Classical music concert series “Night Serenades”

In one of the most beautiful places in the seaside, in Birutė park, in the southern part of the Amber museum terrace the concerts of Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra “Night Serenades” are being held. It is a special atmosphere creating series of events that make the audience and the music artists get closer. These unique series of concerts of Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra are being held annually since 1971 by the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society. Every year the audience is invited to enjoy the music in an open air.

1006 km Racing powered by Hankook

In the middle of the summer in Palanga will take place the traditional 19th “ENEOS 1006 km Racing powered by Hankook” – the real festival for auto sport’s lovers.  The high atmosphere prevailing in the competition traditionally covers not only the temporary race town, but also moves to the resort's streets, where there are a lot of holiday makers opening the ceremony, various parades, and racing presentations.

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