Kristiansand International Childrens Film Festival

Kristiansand International Children's Film Festival is an annual event in Kristiansand, Southern Norway. It is Norway’s largest film festival aimed at children and youth. It attracts a large local audience and a number of international guests.In addition to films from all over the world, the festival also consists of workshops, seminars and special events
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Christmas Fairs and Advent Concerts

Christmas fairs - a delight to both children and adults: decorated Christmas trees, scent of mulled wine, roasted almonds, Christmas tea and coffee; gingerbread men and houses. Peaceful Christmas time, Advent concerts everywhere in the city and the inimitable care-free bustling atmosphere of Christmas fairs. Guests and citizens of Riga join at the New Year Eve celebrations and fireworks at the Freedom Monument.
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Festival of Three Stars dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Latvia

The festival "Three Stars" will be held from 9th to 19th November, which is dedicated to the Latvian 100 year centenary.  The aim of the festival is to interpret Latvian music as diverse and attractive as possible - both orchestral music and vocal instrumental music, as well as academic classical music and non-academic or popular music.
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Riga City Festival

The City Festival is a strong tradition since 2001, the 800th anniversary of Riga.
At end-August Riga turns into a major location for festivities, where visitors of the city, the young and the old, enjoy a number of exciting events: concerts, workshops, street fairs, theatre plays, art performances, and even a gourmet festival.
Most of the events take place along the 11th November Embankment, in Old Town and central parks, with a wide range of events also held all over the city.