Baltic Pass - Maritime Heritage Tours

Discover the Baltic Sea on the sailing ship sounds like an idea of the Baltic Pass - Maritime Heritage Tours project run by the Gdańsk Sport Centre.

The project, co-financed from the Interreg South Baltic, aims at creating sailing paths, taking into account maritime heritage of the whole South Baltic region and combining sailing with visiting attractive places on the southern shores of the Baltic Sea.
It involves five project partners, from Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland and Lithuania as well as ten associated partners covering all five programme countries.

Mihkli's fair

The traditional autumn fair, where is possible to buy handicrafts items, agricultural and  forest products. In the handicraft tent the fair's visitors can study and practice different needlework  skills. Free Book fair and  concert in the church  also will be held.

International Slavic culture Festival "Fern Flower"

The fern flower is a magic flower in Baltic and Slavic mythology, blooming for a very short time on the eve of the summer solstice and bringing to luck, wealth, or the ability to understand animal speech.
The aim of festival is demonstration the varieties of slavic cultures through the performance amateurs and professionals artists from the different countries such as Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Poland, Moldavia, Belarus.

International Ingrians Song Festival

The Ingrians are the Finnish population of Ingria (now the central part of Leningrad Oblast in Russia), descending from Lutheran Finnish immigrants introduced into the area in the 17th century, when Finland and Ingria were both parts of the Swedish Empire. Today the Ingrian Finns total population is approximately 50 000 people living in Russia, Finland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Estonia and Belarus.