UBC aims to serve its member cities even better, also in communications. One of the central goals of the UBC in recent years has been to energize and streamline the UBC work. As a part of this, UBC has gone through a visual evolution, adopted a new logo, updated the Baltic Cities Bulletin and opened the new UBC website.

Give your feedback on the new website

The new UBC website is not a final version – instead it is being constantly developed. Some of the information, such as the member cities' information and documents, is still being added and updated. We would value feedback on the website from the member cities and commissions to ensure we have accurate information online and to make the website serve the UBC community even better. Please send all questions and comments to UBC Communications Manager Irene Pendolin:

UBC Communications Network

UBC Communications Network was established in January 2015, alongside with the renewal process of UBC commissions. The network consists at the moment of 37 cities’ communications representatives and UBC commissions’ Communications Officers. Read more

Communication material

UBC's communication materials are found here.

Irene Pendolin

UBC Communications Manager
Communications Officer/International Affairs
City of Turku
Turun Kaupunki

Central Administration
Communications and Marketing
Yliopistonkatu 27 a
FIN-20100 Turku
Mobile: +358 408486242