Call for stories: Making the World a Better Place Through Education

Call for stories to the Baltic Cities Bulletin 1/2022:
Making the World a Better Place Through Education

The deadline for stories to the Bulletin is May 18th 2022.
Please see further instructions below in “Writer’s guidelines”.

Theme of the Bulletin

Global pandemic has meant huge challenges in all fields of society, including education. Especially the most vulnerable groups have suffered school lock downs and struggled with distance learning. School dropouts and absenteeism present a significant risk of social exclusion, and when they are combined with problems in basic skills, there is an extreme danger of a vicious circle of exclusion. Basic skill deficiencies can also be a major obstacle for adult participation in society and working life. Education is the best way to combat the social exclusion of children, young persons and adults. Therefore, we ask for stories in one or more of the following themes/questions:

  • promoting and supporting inclusion and mental health through education
  • innovations in education
  • lessons learned from the times of the pandemic (especially best practices in distance learning)
  • new digital solutions in education
  • STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) solutions on different levels of education (preschool, basic education, secondary level education)
  • how to make vocational education more attractive?
  • best practices in diminishing the number of the NEETs (young people not in education, employment or training)
  • how to make learning truly life-long experience?
  • education supporting adult participation in society and working life
  • improving accessibility of education; especially for the most vulnerable groups
  • new ways to improve basic skills (literacy, IT, math)
  • schools and parents working together
  • cooperation between education providers and enterprises
  • improving pathways from education to working life and/or from education to education (either from basic education to secondary level or from secondary level to higher education).

Stories to city news are also very welcome – more information below in writers’ guidelines.

Please do not hesitate to be in touch if you would prefer some other approach to the theme or in case of any other questions:

Writers’ guidelines

  • Please deliver the story by e-mail to in MS WORD format. A confirmation of reception will be sent to you. Lack of confirmation means that the message is not delivered.
  • Each member city can submit two articles – one related to the theme of the Bulletin and one to the chapter City News. All stories should be sent in English.Each article may have max 400 words, no more than 1 page A4. The editorial board sometimes needs to shorten the stories in order to include more stories into the Bulletin. It is also important to include the author’s name and contact details for any follow-up questions related to the story.
  • Please make all efforts to include 1–2 good quality photos to illustrate the article (JPG format, one e-mail – one picture, the file should not exceed 3 MB).
  • The deadline for stories to the Bulletin is 18 May 2022. Please respect this timetable so that we are able to publish the Bulletin on time.
  • The Bulletin will be published online.
  • See previous Bulletins for examples of stories: