Call for stories to Baltic Cities Bulletin: Resilient Baltic Sea Cities

Call for stories to the Baltic Cities Bulletin 1/2021
“Resilient Baltic Sea Cities. Tackling the challenges and creating the future(s)”

>> The deadline for stories to the Bulletin is 7 April 2021.
Please see further instructions below in “Writer’s guidelines”.

Theme of the Bulletin

During 2020–2021, the global Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives and we have been compelled to find solutions and innovations in an extremely exceptional situation. Our cities and societies are challenged to become even more proactive, more unified, more resilient. Simultaneously, we are also looking into the future into a time after the pandemic.

This is why the theme of the next UBC General Conference is “Resilient Baltic Sea Cities. Tackling the challenges and creating the future(s). Also the theme of Bulletin 1/2021 is dedicated to this subject.

We ask for stories in one or more of the following questions/themes:

During global challenges such as pandemics, the climate crisis, economic changes, and social conflict, how can the cities:
•    involve youth and maintain the well-being of the youth (education, free time);
•    work for sustainability;
•    develop resilience through digital solutions;
•    sustain and develop social resilience in cities and societies  (inclusiveness, integration);
•    maintain a feeling of safety among its residents;
•    create resilience in the field of business and entrepreneurs;
•    work for and develop the tourism industry;
•    support culture as a tool for resilience;
•    create resilience through city planning?

Please do not hesitate to be in touch if you would prefer some other approach to the theme or in case of any other questions:

Writer’s guidelines

Please deliver the story by e-mail to: in MS WORD format. A confirmation of reception will be sent to you. Lack of confirmation means that the message is not delivered.

Each member city can submit two articles – one related to the theme of the Bulletin and one to the chapter “News from Member Cities”. All stories should be sent in English.
Each article may have max 400 words, no more than 1 page A4. The editorial board sometimes needs to shorten the stories in order to include more stories into the Bulletin. It is also important to include the author’s name and contact details for any follow-up questions related to the story.

Please make all efforts to include 1–2 good quality photos to illustrate the article (JPG format, one e-mail – one picture, the file should not exceed 3 MB).

The deadline for stories to the Bulletin is 7 April 2021. Please respect this timetable so that we are able to publish the Bulletin on time!

The Bulletin will be published online. See previous Bulletins for examples of stories: