Communications Network

Smart and Prospering Cities Communications Network Aims of the network are: Improve communication between UBC and its member cities so that we can utilise all the potential and benefit that […]

Working Group on Gender Equality

Working Group on Gender Equality Working Group on Gender Equality The Working Group on Gender Equality does not stand up for a particular commission. Its aim is to rather help […]

Youthful Cities

Youthful Cities UBC Youthful Cities Commission Everyone wants the best for children and young people, so does the UBC. Youthful Cities Commission (YCC) is committed to helping children thrive, achieve […]

Sustainable Cities

Sustainable Cities UBC Sustainable Cities Commission The UBC Sustainable Cities Commission (SCC) focuses on the environmental and urban sustainability work within the UBC. The Commission and its Secretariat are hosted by […]

Smart and Prospering Cities

Smart and Prospering Cities UBC Smart and Prospering Cities Commission The UBC Smart and Prospering Cities Commission offers a reliable network of entrepreneurs, scientists and administration experts from the BSR […]

Safe Cities

Safe Cities UBC Safe Cities Commission Safe Cities Commission cooperates in order to improve security services as well as assure better safety standards and procedures for all Baltic Sea Region […]

Planning Cities

Planning Cities UBC Planning Cities Commission Planning Cities Commission was established in 1998 as a means to promote interaction and cooperation between Baltic Sea cities and towns in the field […]

Learning Cities

Learning Cities UBC Learning Cities Commission School dropouts and absenteeism present a significant risk of social exclusion, and when they are combined with problems in basic skills, there is an […]

Inclusive and Healthy Cities

Inclusive and Healthy Cities UBC Inclusive and Healthy Cities Commission Inclusive and Healthy Cities Commission consists of the former commissions on Health and Social Affairs and Sport. The kick-off meeting […]

Cultural Cities

Cultural Cities UBC Cultural Cities Commission All UBC members achieve an added value through shared tools and network based cultural cooperation. The UBC Cultural Cities Commission (CCC) promotes and develops tools for […]