2020 in Kaunas: significant changes and innovations

Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic and quarantine, Kaunas ended 2020 with a solid workload. Many of them have started or accelerated on an even larger scale this year. Kaunas City Mayor Mr. Visvaldas Matijošaitis says that the gained momentum cannot de-crease even in this difficult period, but today it is especially important to notice and evaluate the efforts and initiatives of Kaunas residents, taking care of each other in order to stay safe and healthy.
Mr. Matijošaitis, who usually avoids forecasting, believes that 2021 will be meaningful for Kaunas. First of all, there is only a step left – only one year – until 2022, when Kaunas will become-me the European Capital of Culture. In addition, a number of important works for the city are planned to be completed in the coming years. In summing up the 2020, it is not difficult to make the top highlights. These are the events and works that Kaunas residents noticed the most.

Triple construction on the Nemunas Island

This year, two capsules marking the beginning of construction were buried on the Nemunas Island. Next to the Žalgiris Arena there will be a multifunctional water sports center with an Olympic-size swimming pool, a SPA area and a sports club. Nearby works are also underway at the construction site of the only science museum in the country, “Science Is-land”, and a new bridge to the island.

Revived Unity Square

The unrecognizably changed space became one of the most visited places in Kaunas. This is no longer the place to pass through – now you want to stay here. After the reconstruction, the square was decorated with a fountain, an artificial stream, benches for a quiet rest, lighting and an under-ground parking lot. In 2021, it is planned to fundamentally reconstruct the Student Square on the other side of S. Donelaičio street.

Space for rowers

The old buildings on the shores of Lampėdžiai Lake have been replaced by a modern rowing base of the sports school “Bangpūtys” – a modern two-storey complex with two gyms, a seminar room, administrative premises and all amenities. In the yard – new sheds. The dredging of the 2 km long track will soon be completed.
“Today we need to see not only what the city is doing, but it is especially important to see those heroes who are doing their best for all of us. We must thank to the medics for their titanic work. Special services, teachers, social workers, various organizations and individual volunteers contribute in their own way to protect the city and its people.
I would also like to thank the Kaunas residents for staying conscious. Let us not lose our sense of responsibility on the New Year’s Eve. We must stay healthy, because Kaunas is waiting for another year of positive changes,” said Mayor of Kaunas City.


Kaunas City Municipality Administration / Public Relations Department