36. Tartu Forest Marathon


Tartu Running Marathon (or Tartu Jooksumaraton), the biggest cross-country running event in the Baltics, got itself a new name and is now called Tartu Forest Marathon. Also, a 42 km distance has been added to the program. Every year about 4000 runners participate in the event. Therefore 42, 23, 10 and 5 km distances are available this year. The 42 and 23 km races start from Otepää, Tehvandi Sports Center and finishes in Elva - same places where the legendary Tartu Marathon starts and finishes. 10 and 5 km races start and finish in Elva. Nordic walkers are also welcome to attend the 23, 10 and 5 km distances.

More information:
Club Tartu Maraton
Ph: +372 7421 644
Mobile ph: +372 5150 360