Advice needed: FOSTER CARE

In terms of decentralisation of authority, in Latvia there is a project initiation of replacing 'old school' children orphanages with the family-type children foster communities. 
In Liepāja there is a children's home, which will have to be replaced by the family -type care home. 

Our Social Service department would love to have an advice and experience share from the UBC municipalities, which already do have such family-type foster cares. We would be grateful for any kind of advice, should this be only email based explanations, phone conversations, or even better - we could come to visit your children family-type foster care to see how you manage this important task, how technically this is done (houses, managements, care for kids, etc), before we implement this in Liepāja. It is always good to see the success story and learn about possible challenges from somebody, who has already done this.

Our Social Service experts would very much appreciate your help for the sake of our kids' well being, who have to live in the orphanage. We would love to make their living environment as close as possible to the family home living. And any advice from the fellow municipalities would be of a great value for us.

Please contact:

Nataļja Vecvagare
Liepāja city municipality administration
Senior Executive on international cooperation/ Head foreign relations
Tel. +37163404789
Rožu iela 6, LV3401, Liepāja, Latvija