Alli Neumann (D) + Sofia Portanet (D)


On the estate you can experience Alli Neumann and Sofia Portanet, from Hamburg and Berlin respectively, on May 1st, both of which can be found on the wing in German pop. Since its debut in 2018, Alli Neumann has gone strong, whose German-language progressive pop has already found a large audience in his home country. Alli Neumann has just finished 2019 with sold out concerts in i.a. Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg and Munich, and the "Play German" concerts mark the end of the singer's upcoming spring tour. Likewise, German-language Sofia Portanet represents a new generation of German new wave / post-punk with references to a young Nina Hagen and other classics, yet with her very own expression, such as that among other things. can be heard on the just released single "Planet Mars". The concert is supported by Region Syddanamak.

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