Autumn Equinox feast


Continuous international project DREVERNOS RUDENS LYGĖ (Dreverna Autumnal Equinox) is initiated by the Craftsmen‘s Guild KRIKRAGAA. The main goal of the event is to mark the beginning of astronomical autumn, to stop in the moment of autumnal equinox and to observe the Baltic Unity Day together with the guests from the old Baltic tribal lands.
Every year, the event programme features new, interesting, alternative elements, infusing the event/period with peculiar uniqueness: a very cozy atmosphere for both the spectator and the participant. The idea of syncretism of different cultural and artistic areas is further continued. The organizers boldly juxtapose elements of traditional folklore, professional and amateur theatrical acts, film and animation screenings, modern installations, and non-traditional exhibitions. The thrilling climactic object remains in the Old Port of Dreverna, which comes to life once a year. This time, the deeply symbolic series of fire sculptures are gently embraced by background reflections. Episodes of transformation, tranquility and rituals are followed by the traditional dance night: traditional dance tunes from different countries resound into the small hours of the morning, with a large number of dance enthusiasts from all over Lithuania and beyond spinning on the dance floor.