Baltic Sea Area - frontrunner in digitalization

Baltic Sea Area - frontrunner in digitalization
Fresh thinking from regions on the way to a digital single market
on Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 15h00-18h15 followed by a Baltic Reception
at the Arts 56, Avenue des Arts, 1000 Brussels
On 16th November 2016 the informal Baltic Sea Group (iBSG) will host a seminar on the Baltic Sea Area and its role as a frontrunner in digitalization.
In times of digitalization, our world is rapidly changing. Alongside Silicon Valley, a handful of areas in the world are viewed as macro-clusters for IT-related development. With more than 40 million inhabitants, the Baltic Sea Region is one of these leading areas for IT infrastructure, education, research and innovation.
In digitalization, the European Union and the private sector play key roles. By providing a policy framework, the EU stimulates cooperation among the regions, in order to establish favorable conditions for businesses to flourish.
In the seminar, we would like to highlight our regional approaches to complete a fully integrated digital single market. We strive to show a pathway to build new regional success stories and how to meet the challenges of tomorrow through enhanced interregional cooperation.
Registration is open until 14 November 2016. To register, please visit the following link:
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