Baltic Sea Pioneers for better pollution monitoring and reporting

Last year SIWI Swedish Water House and Race for the Baltic (RFTB) run the project “Baltic Sea Pioneers for better water pollution monitoring and reporting”. The policy brief that concludes the recommendations that came out from the project is attached. The recommendations are based on the project research and workshop discussion with more than 100 participants from local, national and regional stakeholders. In brief, the project concludes that

  • Local stakeholders such as cities and municipalities can contribute more to the goals and targets in the HELCOM BSAO through more structured monitoring, reporting and sharing or results, especially on the effectiveness of measures to reduce pollution to water.
  • For municipalities, aligning their actions with HELCOM BSAP, can facilitate their environmental work and contribute to improved socioeconomic development locally and in the Baltic Sea region.
  • For this to happen, some crucial prerequisites are necessary, e.g. better connectivity between local stakeholders, national authorities and HELCOM: 

All workshop reports are available at, as well as the brief in PDF format.
SIWI and RFTB plan to continue the dialogue for a cleaner, more sustainable and prosperous Baltic Sea region. The cities are encouraged to contact Lotta Samuelson with ideas on how to build on the results from this project
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