Bergen auf Rügen looks for culture and sport projects

Bergen auf Rügen is open for new ways not only in the fields of tourism but in crafts and service, and especially people to people projects.

There are companies in the city that have sub-companies especially in the Baltic Sea Region.

In the municipality no special agency is established for searching new markets, but chambers for trade and for craft are working in this field. In the Country district there is a department for regional development and economic promotion. There is also a company working for regional development and economic promotion of the “Vorpommern” region.

Bergen auf Rügen is open for culture and sport projects and was organizing them for many years. The museum is very open for international exhibition. In the past there were prepared such exhibitions with Poland, Lithuania or Sweden. In the City the library is developed as a media centre and there were organized performances for up to 60 visitors.

The music school placed in Bergen auf Rügen, belonging to the county district, is working internationally e.g. with orchestras from Poland and Lithuania, transnational workshops with public performances take place. For larger open air performances the market place, an open air stage or the monastery yard are used.

The city has knowledge of people to people projects, youth activities. There is a home for refugees in the centre of the city. The city has applied for EU-Money in Erasmus+, Citizens Project, Interreg.
The municipality could learn a lot from other cities and also could spread good experiences which it has in all the mentioned fields.   

More information: Monika Krahl,