Blue Biotechnology in the Baltic Sea Region – from Science to Business

Marine or „blue“ biotechnology is a young field of modern biotechnology, based, upon well established traditions of basic science at universities of the Northern European shores. With the rise of the blue biotech business sector, biological ressources from marine habitats become more and more interesting. Due to their ability to adapt to harsh ocean environments, marine organisms are a promising source for new medical drugs, new enzymes for food and feed production and provide alternative ways of producing chemicals. Newest results in basic and applied science and successful results of economic implementation will be showcased.

The conference is part of the project „Baltic Blue Biotech Alliance“, funded by EU INTERREG BSR. The initiative represents a step forward in the implementation of the BLUE GROWTH strategy of the European Union. Up to 120 scientists, entrepreneurs and stakeholders from the public and the private sector will attend.


  • Industrial applications of marine organisms and biomass
  • Marine biomass production technology
  • Secondary metabolites and bioactive enzymes
  • Marine biotechnology networks and business development
  • Legal aspects and patenting

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