The Bounty Killart: Sculptures from the Lost Temple of Lucca circa

07.08.2020 to 06.12.2020

An exceptional archaeological discovery in autumn 3115 near an abandoned site in the southern part of the European continent led our contemporary experts into the world as it was in the 2020s.

The unprecedentedly preserved temple showcased the existing concerns, obsessions and preoccupations of people residing in the local region. Narratives of love, hatred, politics and current affairs were all reflected by the works of the Italian duo working at the time, who were the major contributors to the temple, creating unique sculptures as a way to capture the mood of their environment. These Italian artists — working under the artistic dyad ‘The Bounty Killart’ —  set out to analyse and at times parody the plethora of typical concerns of their contemporaries: from romantic research and rejection (Love Me Tinder, 2016), to the state of loneliness (Castaway, 2017) as well as some politically charged works (Hungry Man, 2017; The Power of Law, 2016).

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