A call for stories to the Bulletin 2/2016 launched


Inclusive and healthy cities

Cities are the centres of growth. The urbanization creates opportunities, moves the economy forward. But at the same time inequalities and exclusion are still a challenge. How can we prevent them and how can we ensure social, spatial and economic inclusion?

The Editorial Board would like to invite the cities to share their experiences on how they approach the vision of inclusive and healthy city.

  • What are the most important challenges concerning social or economic inequalities in your city? How does your city address the problems?
  • What does your city undertake to prevent marginalization? How does it help to lift people out of exclusion and improve lives?
  • What makes inclusiveness stronger?
  • How does your city encourage local community to work together? What are the NGOs statuses?
  • Does your city provide any space for common activities? Is there any meeting place for people of different backgrounds, age, etc.?

The deadline is on 15 September 2016.