A call for stories "Sharing the European Dream"

The next Bulletin will provide a space for further discussions after the Conference in Rostock and will be devoted to the integration. How to make a shift in thinking: ‘from a stranger to a neighbour’?

The history of the development and growth of the cities has been linked to immigration. It was one of the most important factors in forming today’s cities. The massive migration can be taken not only as a challenge but also as a chance for further development. All inhabitants, no matter from which background they come, contribute to the local well-being.
Being a follow-up of the conference on the impact of the European refugees crisis in the Baltic cities, organized in Rostock in March 2016, the UBC Conference on Integration "Sharing the European Dream" addresses the questions on the role of migration in the cities development. Its aim is to draft the vision of an inclusive city of the future.
The Editorial Board would like to invite the cities to present their experiences in the integration process. What measures have been taken to welcome the migrants in our societies? How to master the integration of new citizens as full members of the society? How to live, work and learn together to share the European dream? The ideas are welcome on:

  • how to communicate beyond the stereotypes and media picture?
  • how to ensure the equal access to relevant, reliable information? 
  • how to ensure an equal access to education?
  • how to create a more inclusive economy and job market that allows all people to use their competences and potential?
  • how to ensure safety?
  • how to involve inhabitants so that they feel responsible for the city development?
  • how do we as cities/communities welcome the others, get to know them, change ourselves, exchange on our religious beliefs, in a true dialogue?